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On 06 / 16 / 2002, hexel wrote:

Hi Daz,love the pics in the kids section,going to check it again with me little one she'll love it.

On 06 / 11 / 2002, Becky_Sharp wrote:

<signs with a flourish>

There, daz!

Nice site!

On Jan 02, 10, Fapeuwhk wrote:

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On Nov 15, 05, Rhonda Stardust wrote:

he does indeed have a name other than Rock Man. some call him the Rock Poet; others call him Bill Dan xo, r

On Jan 02, 10, Vxzohgeq wrote:

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On 06 / 11 / 2002, Becky_Sharp wrote:

<signs with a flourish>

There, daz!

Nice site!

On 06 / 28 / 2002, keondra wrote:

I love your kitty caats.kjjhhhthhhhhjhhuyuu

On 06 / 13 / 2002, Coaster, Marcus Braydonwrote:

Sorry, I don't sign guest books.

How 'bout posting some biographical info on Daz?

On Jan 02, 10, Snpetixj wrote:

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On 07 / 09 / 2002, Becky_Sharp wrote:

Hey, I'm baaaack! Nice paintings! Very profound.

Aw hell. Who am I kidding? I know NOTHING about art. Still, for what it's worth, they look great to me!

On Jan 02, 10, Omptezbh wrote:

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On Jul 25, 05, Maria wrote:

You have to make more people look at this site. It`s awsome. The ships where lovely, so were the cat`s and the natur. Put your link out there daz-man! hug from Maria:-) Norway.

On Jan 02, 10, Wugikzyj wrote:

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I've been getting 20+ spams signing this, for cell phones and drugs, so I'm disabling the guestbook.
I don't know which I despise more, the assholes who write spam programs that fuck things up for other people, or the idiots who respond to spam thereby making it worth their while to write the programs.

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