Curses on those who maliciously destroy the works of others

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Albany is a small city across the bay from San Francisco. The Albany Bulb is a peninsula created in the 50's and 60's from demolished buildings, used culverts, and the like. Purposely or not, it was covered with dirt. Some development was looked into, but the landfill isn't sturdy enough to support buildings during an earthquake. In recent years, homeless people found it a haven, and built shacks on it. However, health concerns, complaints from hikers / dog walkers, and police involvement in territorial disputes resulted in the homeless being expelled, and their shacks demolished. This occurred in 1999. Since then, several artists have been coming down, using the old refuse for their canvases, for their materials for their sculptures, etc. A while back, the Albany City Council voted to remove this artwork and develop this uniqe area. This is a small sample of the works on display there :

View from Golden Gate Fields
Just so we're clear on what and where this place is...

Boats @

May, 2002

January, 2003

September 2003

The location of the WW2 Kaisar Shipyards in visible beyond this boat...

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Mad Mark's Castle
From what I've been told : Mark built this as a place to convert people to his religion, but gave up after a small number of successes.

When I returned in spring '06, the castle had been repainted inside, roof, and back, with gold, and the flagstaff (I assume that's what it is!) added. It's perhaps a little tacky, and too bright on the eyes, but it does match the inscription on the roof (whose photo I though I had, but at casual glance don't see); as best as I can recall, it says, "Dedicated to California and her heart of gold". A pity that some of the artwork inside had been covered up, and more the shame bad graffiti (tags, as opposed to art) is inside now.

I don't seem to have any photos of the old archway. This is where it used to be...

(and you can see that one of the two buildings back there is no longer there. Or not, seeing the non-existant can be a tricky endeavor)

This fence is to keep the evil sprits out of the hollow behind.

The hollow behind...

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October, 2002

January, 2003

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